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The Library

Matthew Lamb’s portrait in the Library speaks for itself. The portraits of the Cokes are leisurely and relaxed, but Matthew Lamb is portrayed as the practical, prosaic and matter-of-fact man he was, seated at a desk with his quill pen. Lamb was a self-made lawyer who had been involved with Melbourne in a professional capacity since the 1730s. He married Charlotte Coke in 1740 and a few years later, with the help of a huge legacy of £100,000 left to him by his uncle, he purchased the Brocket Hall Estate in Hertfordshire. Brocket became the main family seat and Melbourne has remained little altered ever since.

Portraits of William Lamb, the 2nd Viscount Melbourne and his wife’s Lady Caroline Lamb are to be found in the Library, as well as a portrait of Lady Melbourne, the mother of the 2nd and 3rd Viscounts of Melbourne.

A William and Mary cabinet on a stand with a barley twist, six Queen Anne chairs with rush seats, a George III mahogany breakfast table cross banded in satinwood, a George III mahogany bureau and a George II spider leg table can be found amongst the many furniture items in the Library.


History of Melbourne Hall